Amels 188 Hybrid: Battery powered yachts

Amels 188

Financial gain, ease of operation, ecology... Amels' architecture manager explains why the Hybrid Power energy management solution is for him the future of superyacht.

Not just a backup solution

If it seems at first sight an extra solution to run on batteries at the port, Hybrid Power can be a complete response to the functional needs of a yacht, excluding propulsion. With its new 57.7-metre Amels 188, to be delivered in June 2018, the Dutch yard intends to prove this. The system is based on all possible energy sources: mechanical (generators), electrical (batteries) and heat (energy recovery). This will meet all the onboard needs.

Lower operating costs

In the traditional daily use of a yacht, much of the energy is lost. For example, by reusing engine heat for on-board needs, the vessel's energy efficiency can be improved.

Amels says that his studies, carried out over 18 months on the use of their yachts by owners, suggest savings of ?100,000 or more per year.

Typical power consumption curve

Reliable and durable technology

Amels argues that hybrid technologies are reliable and durable in the face of wary shipowners. The installation for the Amels 188 consists of a heat recovery unit, two generators and a battery tray for optimised energy management. All solutions have been tested by the Damen Group on commercial vessels with intensive and demanding use. Moreover, these technologies are already successfully used in the automotive industry.

An ecological solution

By reducing fuel consumption and installing low-consumption equipment, such as LED lighting, Hans Konings, the shipyard's architectural manager, says that the Amels 188 reduces its ecological footprint compared to an equivalent conventional yacht. It takes into account all data such as battery recycling.

Ease of operation

An automated system developed by Amels allows an optimal use of the generators to obtain a constant available electrical power. The risk of blackout during excessive use is eliminated, thus relieving the crew.

Depending on the site:" Hybrid Power gives the chief engineer a smile."