Clean Boat: cleaning products, a special pro offer

New Clean Boat label

As the 2016 season begins, Clean Boat focuses on the professional market. A dedicated online ordering service, discounts, a VIP area at the Nautic 2016...

Maintenance products for the whole boat

To prepare the season, it is time to clean hull, upholstery, stainless steel... The Clean Boat brand offers two products..:

Clean Boat Multi-Usage: to clean and stain all surfaces

Clean Boat Special hull: to rust and passivate metal parts, to already clean the hull..

All products are of course labelled according to the latest standards in force.

A professional online space

Up until then, CB distribution and the Clean Boat brand had often focused on direct sales with boaters and decided on a new, more developed policy aimed at professionals: shipyards, hardware stores and shipschandlers.

A dedicated online space has been set up. Each professional, equipped with personal codes, can connect to it to carry out his order instantaneously. The calculation automatically takes into account the discounts dedicated to resellers. No need to wait for quotes, the order is placed immediately for a shipment as soon as possible. The customer also finds there all the follow-up of order, invoicing... While boaters prepare their boats for the season, shipschandlers can manage the stock more simply.

Specific packaging

For retailers, the bottles are packed in 15x1L or 4x5L cardboard boxes. The building sites can also be supplied in barrels of 30 L or 220 L

A space dedicated to the Nautic 2016

Proof of CB Distribution's new desire to refocus on service to professionals, it will no longer have a boutique at the Nautic 2016 to sell to yachtsmen, but a stand with a warm space to receive its customers in the nautical sector.