What power for the French Ministry of the Sea?

Annick Girardin, the new Minister for the Sea

The government has published the decrees assigning competences for the new Ministry of the Sea. Yachting is at the heart of the field of action attributed to Annick Girardin, who will have to share her decision-making power on many subjects.

Responsibilities of the Ministry of the Sea

Since the announcement of the creation of a Ministry of the Sea in the new government of Jean Castex, all observers have been waiting for the official decrees of attribution of competences. The official publication now defines the new Minister Annick Girardin's field of action.

Its overall mission is defined as follows: "The Minister for the Sea develops and implements the Government's policy on the sea in its various aspects, both national and international, particularly with regard to the maritime economy and maritime influence and influence"

The Minister will exercise the powers and perform the duties and functions relating to navigation, safety, training, seafarers, boating and water-based activities. She will be responsible for marine space planning. In the field of fisheries, she will share her powers with the Ministry of Agriculture, while she will exercise joint supervision with the Ministry of Economy for underwater resources and with the Ministry of Ecological Transition for transport, ports and the protection of the marine environment.

Annick Girardin will have authority over the direction of Maritime Affairs.

Total competence in boating

While the challenge of setting up co-guardianships could be complex in a number of areas, the recreational boating sector should be spared this risk of administrative uncertainty. Annick Girardin is in fact solely responsible for nautical activities and boating. Services related to nautical activities will also be able to benefit from her support, which is "associated with tourism policy on the coast and at sea and the drafting of tax legislation concerning activities at sea and on the coast"

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