Crozon Morgat Nautical Centre: "We're going to have to be resilient!"

Cancellation of international dinghy competition, suppression of the Classes de Mer, uncertainties about the summer courses... The Centre Nautique concentrates all the problems of sailing clubs. Olivier Latin, its director, testifies to the impact of the Covid 19 crisis.

All sailing club practices affected by Covid19

The Centre Nautique de Crozon Morgat is an important structure within the Breton sailing clubs. It employs 19 full-time equivalent staff for a turnover of 1.6 Meuros. It is active in all the sailing areas of the sailing clubs and is involved in several ways. " For us, it's a bit of a triple penalty. We are both an establishment receiving the public with our accommodation centre, an event organiser with sports competitions and we also do school sailing "regrets Olivier Latin, director of the nautical centre.

Postpone sailing competitions

This was to be the flagship event of the Crozon Morgat Nautical Centre's sport dinghy calendar in 2020. The World 420 scheduled from July 3 to 11 had to be cancelled. " We are working on a proposal to defer to 2021 or 2022. These are complicated decisions to manage because it is international. It is a significant loss of income, with 3 years of work ahead of time and employees already hired who had to be put on short-time working "explains Olivier Latin.

School sailing and sea classes cancelled

The Finisterian structure also works largely with children's groups outside the summer. " Sea classes, holiday centres and events account for 50% of turnover. The cancellation of school sailing, which was due to start on 14 March, is also a heavy blow. "(Editor's note: The interview was conducted before the Breton clubs called on the communities to entrust the structures with part of the occupation of students not taken care of in class).

As for individual training courses, the club is expecting. " In February, we had never had so many bookings for the summer, with 25,000 euros in figures. It was shaping up to be a very good year. We didn't have any cancellations. People are waiting to find out more "says Olivier Latin.

Preparing for afterwards

While waiting to see more clearly in the short term, the director of the nautical centre wants to be positive. " We have a solid foundation. 2019 was the best year for the club, which means we can hold on even if the treasury melts like snow in the sun. As I've told the teams, we're going to have to show inventive resilience and think about all the club's products in the medium term. "

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