ZF and Torqeedo team up for electric azimuthal saildrive

SPP control system

The German specialist in electric motors for yachting, Torqeedo, has announced a partnership with ZF, an expert in drive systems. Together they will develop a new generation of directional electric saildrive subbases.

Torqeedo and ZF join forces for new generation drives

The German manufacturer of electric motors for pleasure boats Torqeedo announced on January 18, 2020 the signing of an agreement with its compatriot, leader in transmission systems, ZF. The two partners will jointly develop new saildrive bases based on the synergy between ZF's Steerable Pod Propulsion (SPP) technology offering a directional system and Torqeedo's electric Deep Blue architecture.

Electric saildrive subbases from 2020

The first developments will be carried out on 50 kW and 100 kW power models. The first units are to be delivered by the end of 2020.

Mounting plate ZF SPP

Hydrogenation and docking facility

The bases will incorporate a system of hydrogenation of electricity during navigation under sail. Rotating the base plate 180° will allow the generator performance to be optimised by using the propeller more optimally than conventional fixed blade systems.

ZF SPP's Saildrive azimuthal system allows the sailboat to be steered by means of a joystick, like the systems currently being developed in motor yachting.

Simplifying the process of promoting electric boats

Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin is counting on the system's ease of use to promote electric propulsion on board sailing yachts, an entry point he believes is essential to decarbonise the yachting market. " Sailboats are one of the first nautical applications to migrate from combustion engines to cleaner electrical solutions. The products resulting from this cooperation between ZF and Torqeedo will be an important step in this transition. "