RS Sailing diversifies into electric motor boat

The sports yacht specialist RS Sailing is opening up to a new market. His new boat, the Pulse 58, is an electrically powered RIB. Nicolas Honor, distributor of the British shipyard in France, tells us more about the objectives and the targeted markets.

Pulse 58, the 1st motor boat from RS Electric Boats

The RS Sailing shipyard has built up a fine reputation in the field of sport sailing since its creation in 1957. Its new subsidiary, RS Electric Boats, opens a new path for the company, by presenting its first motor boat. The Pulse 58 is a 5.80-metre semi-rigid vehicle with an electric motor, powered by a 57 kWh battery pack. The thruster under the nozzle, which has no shaft, is retractable. Two tunnels improve the hydrodynamics of the hull.

Continuing the ecological dynamic of RS Sailing

The new Pulse 58 is part of an environmental approach initiated by RS Sailing for its yachts. The shell of the semi-rigid will be constructed by infusion using natural flax and basalt fibres and recycled PET resin. "RS has started an eco-friendly approach with the RS21, with electric propulsion, building materials, storage thinking and logistics optimization. We are partners of SailGP with our sport catamarans. Their buoys are already moving electrically. The electric semi-rigid is a logical continuation. We're into the concept of the electric city car for short trips. Boating is still a bit behind the car in the electric sector" says Nicolas Honor, director of RS Sailing France.

Accompanying sailing events

RS is counting on its presence in the world of sailing to start its electric boat. "Eventually, events such as the Olympic Games or major sailing races will have to make an effort in terms of CO2 emissions. If you don't follow a GC32 or an America's Cup Class boat with the Pulse 58, there is a natural entry market in accompanying sailing. Inland water bodies are also targeted. The extension of the range could open up to port easements for example" illustrates Nicolas Honor.

SailGP boats in Marseille

1st RS motor boats marketed in 2020

The 1st copy of Pulse 58 will be presented at the 2020 Boot Dusseldorf. Marketing will start on this occasion, through the current RS Sailing distributors. "All current RS Sailing representatives are concerned. The network will be able to expand or evolve according to the market", says Nicolas Honor.

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