SNIP Yachting buys a yacht yard in Brittany

Shipyard SNIP Yachting de Ouistreham © SNIP

The SNIP Yachting yacht yard, based in Ouistreham, has acquired a shipyard in South Brittany. François Blossier, manager of the Normandy boating company, explains the reasons for this new location and the development and development projects.

SNIP Yachting acquires the Vilaine Shipyard

A major Normandy yacht dealer and distributor in France of Targa boats, SNIP Yachting is setting up on the Breton coast. The company acquired the Vilaine shipyard in Arzal, Morbihan. The takeover concerns the site and its maintenance and wintering activities, installed on the edge of the marina upstream of the Vilaine lock. It also includes the Kersails sailmaking facility and its floor, installed in the premises.

Follow boaters as close as possible to their navigation basin

SNIP Yachting had been thinking for several years about setting up in South Brittany. "This allows us to have a base closer to our customers for the follow-up, maintenance or refit of boats whose home port is in Brittany, the Vendée or further south in the Atlantic" explains François Blossier, director of SNIP Yachting. There are also economic and commercial benefits. "It makes it easier to resume. There is no need to go up the boats to Ouistreham and sometimes down again. We save on transport costs which can range from 3000 to 7000 euros. It can also allow us to develop new brands."

Work and development of services

Customers will find the same services as in Ouistreham in terms of boat maintenance or wintering and sales for the Targa brand. "We are negotiating to have regional maps identical to those we have in Normandy for the sale of boats," adds François Blossier.

Work is underway to improve infrastructure. The outdoor park, previously made of gravel, will be asphalted. The roof of the building will be rebuilt and the exterior walls insulated. "We're doing a big clean job to match SNIP Yachting's image. The objective is to be 100% in September 2020, but the first boats in winter are already there" summarizes the manager.

The activity is launched by staff from Normandy who are moving to Brittany. "It allows customers to find the same faces again. The objective is to reach a team of 5/6 people in the first 2 to 3 years", says François Blossier.

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