Launching slipway in Boulogne sur Mer: a step in the nautical development

Boulogne-sur-Mer marina

The agglomeration of Boulogne sur Mer has validated the project for a slipway in the port of Les Hauts de France. Olivier Copin, in charge of port activities, outlines the investment and its inclusion in the local boating policy.

Boulogne slipway project validated

On 7 November 2019, the Boulogne sur Mer urban community voted on the project to build a "boat ramp". This slipway, which has been under discussion for some thirty years, will finally see the light of day. The local authority estimates the investment at around 1 million euros. The project management contract should be published soon. "One can imagine a planning with a commissioning after 18 months, if there are no surprises and good collaboration with the State services" indicates Olivier Copin, in charge of the economy and the port domain at the Communauté d'Agglomération du Boulonnais.

A study to choose the best port site

As part of the Boulogne sur Mer boat trip project, the urban area has studied various scenarios. "As soon as the conurbation took over responsibility for water sports in 2016, we launched a study of 7 sites. There is no ideal location, but the one chosen, a former industrial zone, allows us to install the slipway and nautical activities around it. There is no lock to access it and the area is protected which will allow the yachtsman to manoeuvre easily. The bare land around it facilitates the development of manoeuvring areas and parking spaces" explains Olivier Copin.

Developing boating in the Boulonnais area

The slipway is part of the will of the local elected representatives to reinforce nautical activities in Boulogne sur Mer. Other investments should follow. A dry port and a careening area are envisaged close to the sloping plan in a 2nd phase. The local authorities are also listening to professionals from the nautical and yachting sectors who would like to install themselves in the port. "The development of yachting is a priority for the elected representatives. The agglomeration community took over the pleasure boating competence on 1st January 2016. After a 1st year of diagnosis, the 2nd year saw the improvement of the Napoleon basin and the addition of 96 extra berths. There are also other projects on the drawing board, such as the redevelopment of the outer harbour to welcome yachtsmen on stopovers" concludes the head of the economy of the Boulogne conurbation.

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