Thousand Ports 2019 : Sales by appointment for larger but fewer boats

Sailboats for sale at Mille Sabords 2019

At the time of the assessment, the Mille Sabords show is delighted with the results of a 2019 edition marked by difficult weather conditions. Boat and boat sales were on the agenda, despite larger but fewer units.

Boaters respond to the Mille Sabords, despite the weather

Despite the passage of the Amélie storm and the unfavourable weather conditions for the walk, the Mille Sabords 2019 show was able to attract crowds, claiming the title of the largest European event specialising in second-hand pleasure craft. For its 35th edition, from 31 October to 3 November, the Mille Sabords brought together at crouesty port nearly 80,000 visitors. The counting, carried out on the basis of telephone locations, access to the port being free, shows a decrease of almost 10,000 visits compared to 2018, easily explainable in view of the rain.

Bigger boats that still sell

The number of used boats exhibited at the Mille Sabords also declined slightly in 2019. It goes from 617 in 2018 to 586 in 2019. The trend is similar for professionals and individuals, offering 416 and 170 units for sale respectively. The average size is increasing sharply, while the age of boats is decreasing. Boaters could buy a 2018 Grand Turismo 46 or 2017 RM 1070 yachts. The percentage of transactions remained stable at 33.4%, with 139 boats sold by professionals and 40 by private individuals during the event.

Successful conferences

Attractive entertainment in the face of sulky weather, the conferences were full. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede came to talk about his book Le dernier loup de mer recounting his victory in the Golden Globe Race. Faced with the crowds, Guirec Soudée had to hold a second session of the story of her maritime adventures with her hen Monique.

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