Bavaria Yachts: what is the return to autumn boat shows?

A discreet presence at the Cannes boat show for Bavaria Yachts

The German boat builder Bavaria was discreetly back at the boat shows in September. A well-considered strategy for the former German leader in yachting, as explained by its communication manager Marcus Schlichting.

Bavaria boats back at the boat shows afloat

The German yacht brand Bavaria, which was one of the largest manufacturers in the European yachting industry with around 3,500 units per year, has been in deep crisis since it was placed under protection in spring 2018. After a long period of uncertainty, the company was finally taken over by the investment fund CMP in September 2018. The brand was thus absent from the boat shows of the autumn, only reappearing at Boot Düsseldorf in January 2019. The Cannes Yachting Festival 2019 was an opportunity for the German shipyard to make its comeback at the boat shows. A discreet return, only 2 sailing boats were presented in the Port Canto area, motor boats being left aside for the moment. " The message is to say we're here. France is an important market for us. There are good leads from dealers in Italy and France. "says Marcus Schlichting, head of communications at Bavaria.

Bavaria gets back into battle order

" There's a lot of work in progress, but we're in line with the goals set by our investors." explains Marcus Schlichting. " For the presentation of the new boats, we will have to wait until January 2020. "Without giving further details, he suggests that Bavaria is interested in the 40-foot yacht market.

On the industrial side, the structuring continues. CMP had announced the return of all production to Giebelstadt, the stronghold of Bavaria. A company agreement has been reached to adapt production rates to the seasonality of yachting. " A new organization makes it possible to make employees work more in winter and less in summer when the load is less heavy. "explains the communications officer.

The distribution network has not been too badly affected by Bavaria's crisis, says Marcus Schlichting. " In Italy the network is stable, while in France 70% of it has been kept. "The brand was also present at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle with its retailer.

To summarize the situation, the communication manager relies on the order book. " If you order today, in September 2019, you can have your boat in February 2020. "

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