The ship chandler Ronstan loses its founder

Stan Le Nepveu (left) and Ron Allatt (right) discuss around a stainless steel pulley © Ronstan

The co-founder of the famous Ronstan hardware brand, Ron Allatt, has passed away. A look back at the career of the creator of a well-known brand in the nautical world.

Disappearance of Ron Allatt

The Australian fittings company Ronstan has announced the death of one of its co-founders, Ron Allatt. This passionate sailor passed away on July 19, 2019 at the age of 89. He was the Ron of Ronstan.

Ronstan: from boats to fittings

Ron Allatt met Stan Le Nepveu in 1946. The two passionate Australian sailors are sailing together in a dinghy. In 1953, they both founded Ronstan to build wooden sailboats and the necessary metal fittings to equip them. The activity developed to the production of plywood sailboats in series in 1958. In 1959, the fittings grew and orders for equipment came from the neighbouring Yacht Club. Ronstan decided to specialize in these products in 1960. The brand grew strongly until the mid-1970s, selling several thousand sticky cleats per month to Hobie Cat.

Changes in ownership

Ron Allatt and Stan Le Nepveu sold their company in 1977 to Australian Reinforced Concrete, but Ron stayed with the company. He was the general manager for another 5 years.

The company then continues its development under different owners. It increased its international reputation, notably by equipping the winning challenge of the America's Cup, AustraliaII, in 1983. It is consolidated by external growth and acquires, for example, the famous Frederiksen deck hardware brands in 2001 and the Andersen winches in 2010. In 2013, the group opened a plant in Batam, Indonesia to develop the parts injection business.