New Brunswick: Dismissals and short-time working at the American leader in yachting

Outboard engine production at Mercury Marine's Fond du Lac plant

Dismissal and partial unemployment... The effects of the reorganization of the Brunswick Group and a disrupted U.S. boating market are significant for employees.

About 100 layoffs within the Brunswick group

The Brunswick group refocused on its leisure activities in May 2019, by selling its fitness equipment branch . The resulting reorganisation has consequences for employment. Some 100 positions will be eliminated in the group's support functions. New Brunswick announces "a series of measures to realign its cost structure to support higher earnings and provide the flexibility to fund major product and digital initiatives The transaction is expected to reduce expenses by $6 million and reduce costs by almost $17 million on an annual basis. The company says the layoffs will not affect boat and engine production teams.

Partial unemployment at Mercury Marine

On the other hand, Lee Gordon, spokesman for the Brunswick group, confirmed to our IBI colleagues, partial unemployment measures within the Mercury Marine engine manufacturer. "Faced with the combination of unusual weather during the first half of the year causing flooding in the Midwest and a weak market, we have decided to temporarily close some production lines at our Fond du Lac plants for a number of days on the next two months' calendar. This will not affect all employees, but it will affect some employees who work on or support the impacted production lines." The V8 and V6 outboard engine lines will not be affected.

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