Marine Privilege: Changing shareholders for greater agility

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Hanse Yachts has acquired from Aurelius the majority of the shares in the shipyard of top-of-the-range Vendée Privilège Marine catamarans. A transaction that should accelerate the development of the multihull specialist, according to its director Gilles Wagner.

Hanse Yachts takes over the shares of Privilège Marine from Aurelius

The Hanse Yachts group, a major German player in the nautical industry, has announced that it has become a majority shareholder in the French catamaran manufacturer Privilège Marine. He bought the shares of the investment fund Aurelius, also a shareholder of Hanse Yachts, which had taken control of the multihull construction site in June 2017 . "For these first two years, we were 2 sister companies, now Privilège Marine is the daughter of Hanse Yachts, which takes the majority. I also remain a shareholder" summarizes Gilles Wagner, the director of the Privilège Marine shipyard.

The amount of the sale was not made public and Gilles Wagner denies the price of 500,000 euros published by the German magazine Float.

Gilles Wagner, Director of Privilège Marine

Strengthening Hanse and accelerating the development of Marine Privilege

The merger between Hanse Yachts and Privilège Marine began with the acquisition by their common shareholder. By June 2017, Hanse Yachts had acquired the rights to the Privilège brand and bridges had been opened between the design offices and the production teams in France and Germany. The change in formal relationships allows the German group to expand its brand and design portfolio. "This is the ideal time to take over the company completely and expand our multi-brand strategy. With the acquisition of Privilège, we are increasing our capacity by more than ?30 million per year, giving an additional boost to our long-term growth," explains Jens Gerhardt, Managing Director of Hanse Yachts.

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Privilège Marine will also become more agile. "Before, the decisions, studied with Hanse Yachts, had to be validated by Aurelius. From now on, we will decide directly with Hanse. We will be even more responsive," says Gilles Wagner. "We will keep the strategy I put in place 7 years ago when I took over the site, namely a positioning of top-of-the-range catamarans, customizable for owners. Being part of a large group gives us the investment capacity to push Privilège Marine to its on-site capacity limits, namely 25 to 30 M?." With a full order book and the launch of two new models, the yard expects to hire 50 people in the next 12 months.

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