A day of debate on the impacts of collaborative boating

Sailing yacht charter is very concerned by collaborative yachting

The Legisplaisance association will devote its 4th national day of the law of yachting and boating to the development of the collaborative economy in the sector. Programme and practical information.

Collaborative boating: What are the impacts on boating?

Created in 2013, the Legisplaisance association specializes in legal information and analysis in the field of yachting. For the past 4 years, it has organized an annual theme day open to boaters and professionals. "The objective is to create a meeting between the actors of the nautical world and those who write the texts," explains Jérôme Heilikman, co-founder of the association. For its 5th edition, the meeting is entitled "The development of collaborative yachting: what assessment, impacts and potential for ports and the nautical sector?"

Stakeholders from all over the nautical ecosystem

Organized around round tables and debates, the event will focus on 4 main themes:

  • Qualification of the ship and its users
  • Legal Liabilities and Insurance
  • Competition between collaborative activities and "historical" models: what are the impacts on the nautical sector's professions?
  • Impacts and adaptations in response to a new clientele for ports and coastal stations

Each of these subjects will be addressed by well-known personalities, political and administrative spheres such as MP Jimmy Pahun, the head of the Maritime Affairs yachting mission Xavier Nicolas or private yachting companies such as April Marine President Lionel Boisméry or Dream Yacht Charter founder Loïc Bonnet. Specialists in collaborative yachting such as Antoine Penot, the founder of Vogavecmoi, or Laurent Calado, Samboat's general manager, will also be present.

Practical Information

4th Day of Yachting and Boating Law

Date : June 7, 2019 9:30am-5pm

Location: Portsmouth, Norfolk VA Great Arch of Defense

Price: between 45?000 and 50?000 ? and up to 85?000 ? depending on engines and options. Public: 120? / Legisplaisance Member: 60?