Buyout: Navisafe navigation lights picked up by a large Scandinavian stevedore

Navisafe autonomous LED navigation light

Navisafe portable navigation lights change hands. The Swedish Batsystem acquired the Norwegian brand and developed its marine electricity offer. A news that worries some retailers.

Batsystem buys back Navisafe navigation lights

The Swedish company Batsystem announced the acquisition on 3 April 2019 of the Norwegian Navisafe, a specialist in autonomous navigation lights. The company, founded 14 years ago by Jo Engebrigtsen, joins the manufacturer and distributor Batsystem, a heavyweight in the nautical industry in northern Europe. Navisafe teams will be integrated into the new owner's premises.

A complement to the Batsystem range

Founded in 1990 by Bengt Axhede, Batsystem has two main activities: stainless steel fittings, such as bathing ladders, piers or rear platforms and lighting. In recent years, the Swedish marine equipment manufacturer has placed particular emphasis on indoor and outdoor lamps and LED products, developing a range of wired navigation lights. Navisafe completes it with its battery-powered offer, adapted for small sailing or motor boats, as well as emergency lighting for larger units.

Front platform marketed by Batsystem

"Navisafe offers high quality products and enjoys a unique position in the market. We look forward to further developing intelligent navigation lights with our customers," says Mattias Hedlund, CEO of Batsystem. A development perspective shared by Navisafe founder Jo Engebrigtsen: "I am very positive about Batsystem's ability to take Navisafe to new horizons."

Questioning of resellers

A French retailer interviewed did not share this enthusiasm and was concerned about a potential drift in quality. "The lighting at Batsystem is very motorhome oriented at first, with an aggressive pricing policy and a quality that is not always very good. They have experienced strong growth in Northern Europe with low-cost products. Navisafe was in line with our product standards and I don't know what it will look like after the takeover. I fear for the quality of future navigation lights."

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