The Nautical RDVs in the age of biocomposites

Flax fibre trimaran developed with Kairos

The Rendez-vous du Nautisme de Lorient focus on eco-design in yachting and bio-sourced materials. Meeting scheduled for March 19, 2019.

Design and build more environmentally friendly and sustainable recreational boats

The next session of the Rendez-vous du Nautisme de Lorient will focus on materials and sustainable design of recreational boats. Entitled "Eco-design, bio-sourced materials. For a limited impact of pleasure boating on the environment", the conference will be an opportunity to discuss the new natural materials available to the nautical industry and to reflect on the global life cycle of boats. The invited speakers are Christophe Baley and Erwan Grossman. The first, a teacher in materials science at the University of South Brittany, is one of the recognised specialists in composites in yachting. He is currently conducting theses on the use of flax and hemp fibres in biocomposites. Erwan Grossman is responsible for biosourced composites at Kaïros de Roland Jourdain in Concarneau, a company that has been involved for a long time in the experimentation of natural fibres in the nautical industry and beyond.

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The Rendez-vous du Nautisme on bio-sourced materials and eco-design of recreational boats will be held on 19 March 2019. It is organised by Audélor, the economic development agency of the Pays de Lorient and the association of nautical professionals of the Pays de Lorient, as part of its monthly meetings. They are open to all stakeholders in the boating industry, including non-members. Registration is done on the Audélor website, which hosts the meeting at its offices at 12 avenue de la Perrière in Lorient.

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