Plastic and Shapes: Marine water heaters in search of a buyer

Distribution of Elgena water heaters to be taken back

Plastic et Formes, a company known in the nautical industry for the distribution of Elgena water heaters, is looking for a buyer. A decision explained to us by its leader Marc-Antoine Buzolich.

A thermoforming specialist for motorhomes and water sports

The company Plastic et Formes was created around the know-how of plastic moulding. Very active in the field of leisure vehicles, the company supplied until 2018 the main French motorhome manufacturers with thermoformed parts for their kitchens and bathrooms. These parts were made with specific moulds according to the customer's specifications. Plastic et Formes still produces standard parts for the construction industry and works with Belgian and Italian colleagues for other niche markets related to leisure vehicles.

Elgena Water Heater

In parallel with thermoforming, Plastic et Formes developed at the end of the 1990s an import business for German water heaters of the Elgena brand, based in Munich, Bavaria. Built in stainless steel and available in 12V , 24V or 230V, with a tank capacity of up to 50 L and power ratings of up to 1000 W, they quickly found their place on board ships in addition to Plastic et Formes' regular motorhome customers.

Absent from the 1st fitting, Elgena water heaters are most often integrated into the water circuit on board in the 2nd fitting, at the request of boaters. The company also works on this market with van or 4x4 converters.

Retirement and sales up

Marc-Antoine Buzolich now wishes to hand over to a buyer. "I'm 75 years old and I'd like to take care of something else. I have a motor home that I would like to use and I have a sailboat that I haven't been able to take care of for the last 20 years!

The Elgena business is doing well, according to the manager. "The turnover from the sale of water heaters has risen from 28,260 euros in 2015, to 36,000 euros in 2016 and 51,480 euros in 2017. I don't have the 2018 figures yet," Marc-Antoine Buzolich points out. "One of the imperative conditions is to speak German, or at least English." The sale could take several forms, ranging from the entire Plastic et Formes business to a limited transaction to the Elgena water heater distribution card.

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