Interview / Legisplaisance, an association to inform and follow the law of yachting

National Legisplaisance Day 2017

Jerome Heilikman, founder of Legisplaisance, talks to BoatIndustry about the functioning, mission and actions of the association specialising in the law and legislation of yachting and water sports.

Co-founded in 2013 by Jérôme Heilikman and Matthieu Guilloto, Legisplaisance has found its place in the professional boating world. Its president answers Boatindustry's questions on the functioning, missions and calendar of the association.

Can you present Legisplaisance and its members in a few figures?

Jerome Heilikman: Today, Legisplaisance has about 1,000 members, 70% of whom are professionals, spread over all the maritime borders, mainly in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Our head office is in La Rochelle and we have a branch in the PACA region with 2 referents. Marinas represent an important part of the professional membership, as well as insurance companies, lawyers, lawyers, schools and many nautical service companies. Individual boaters represent the remaining 30%. About ten active members support the association.

What are the missions of Legisplaisance?

Our primary missions are information and legal analysis in the field of yachting. Then, in response to requests and needs, we extended our field of action to the fiscal and economic field.

What are the main actions of Legisplaisance?

This began when the association was founded with the publication of our Guide to Boating Law. Today, we are putting analyses online on our website, in the space accessible to members. We also publish an analysis review every 3 months.

In addition, for the past 4 years, we have been organizing a national day for professionals, institutions and individuals. The objective is to create a meeting between the actors of the nautical industry and those who write the texts. The next day, which will be held on 7 June 2019, is entitled: "The development of collaborative yachting: What assessment, impacts and potential for ports and the nautical sector?"

On a daily basis, we also answer questions from professionals, taking care not to interfere with the advice reserved for lawyers.

What is the price of membership?

The cost is 60 ? for the general public, 120 ? for professionals. A grid has been set up for marinas according to the number of rings.

What are your main working themes at the moment?

The first dossier, to which we will devote a special edition of our review, is the issue of competition in the renewal of AOTs and COTs (Editor's note: river equivalent of Temporary Occupation Permits). We also work on patents and user qualification or VAT and import taxation.

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