After the Bénéteau group, Carla Demaria bounces back at San Lorenzo

Carla Demaria with Massimo Perotti and Ferruccio Rossi

After leaving Monte Carlo Yachts after a crisis with the management of the Bénéteau group, its former CEO, Carla Demaria joins the dynamic Italian shipyard San Lorenzo. External growth, new boat lines and innovation will be on the menu of the new manager.

Carla Demaria takes over as head of the San Lorenzo Blue Game brand

After leaving the Monte Carlo Yachts shipyard in autumn 2018, which she had founded in 2008 with the Bénéteau group, following disagreements with her parent company, Carla Demaria's future had been the subject of rumours. She finally confirmed to the press that she had joined the Italian group San Lorenzo, without giving any further details. The announcement of the Italian heavy goods vehicle strategy for yachting on 5 February 2019 was an opportunity to learn more. Carla Demaria was officially appointed CEO of the Bluegame shipyard, which was acquired in 2018.

Develop a group with high ambitions in the yachting industry

In recent years, San Lorenzo has become an important player in Italian and international yachting. Its president, Massimo Perotti, who was able to buy back the shares sold to foreign funds during the crisis, announced his willingness to continue the group's expansion. It aims for growth of more than 20% in 2019, after having achieved a 27% increase in turnover in 2018.

Growth must be achieved through external acquisitions and internal development. Bluegame was the first step, by opening up to smaller boats, of a diversification that should continue. An Open Coupé range is announced. A team in charge of monitoring innovations in sectors outside the nautical sector should be appointed.

In addition to her position as head of Bluegame, Carla Demaria is in charge of "developing new business opportunities". The future will show whether we are witnessing the emergence of a new nautical player present in the entire range of motor boats, or whether the group remains in the luxury segment.

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