Special Edition / Garhauer: customizable genoa trolleys at an affordable price

Croix du Sud Marine imports and distributes Garhauer Genoa rails and trolleys. Robustness, variety of accessories and adaptability to existing rails for refitting sailboats are the main assets of the American deck hardware brand.

Customizable genoa tracks and trolleys

The American deck hardware brand Garhauer, imported and distributed by Croix du Sud Marine, offers 25 mm or 32 mm T-shaped genoa rails. Sold as standard in grey anodised aluminium, the profiles are also available on request in black anodising.

Piston genoa trolleys are also customizable. Their dimensions can be modified on request to fit on existing rails, current or discontinued brands. This also applies to the adjustable genoa trolleys, which are ball bearing mounted. Garhauer's flexibility in relation to mass-produced brands of fittings makes its offer particularly relevant for refit projects for boats or traveling yachts.

Reliable and robust fittings

Little known in France, the Garhauer brand was founded on the west coast of the United States more than 50 years ago. "We discovered this brand in New Zealand on our way back from a long boat trip and we flashed it. It goes to the essentials and reliability. Over there, when we set off it's the Pacific, so not for a few days" testifies Pascale Pascal of Croix du Sud Marine, importer of the brand for Europe. The products are guaranteed for 10 years.

Multiple accessories

In addition to the classic swept blocks, Garhauer genoa trolleys are available with multiple accessories to suit the deck layout of the yacht. The bases can accommodate cam cleats, opening pulleys, flat-bridge pulleys, but also blockers or cleats. These fittings can thus find their place on board the boat without the need for new holes to be drilled in the deck.


Used to semi-custom products, Garhauer ensures responsiveness and product quality. In addition to its online sales website, the Croix du Sud Marine importer ensures a personalised follow-up of orders. The stock of standard products in France allows us to meet current needs. Custom-made genoa carts are supplied within 3 to 4 weeks.