Boat Shows: a cancellation for spring 2019

Entrance to the port of Crouesty

Printemps Nautique du Crouesty will not take place in 2019. The Breton boat show is paradoxically a victim of the recovery of the yachting market, explains Caroline Martin, organizer of the event, at BoatIndustry.

Cancellation of the Printemps Nautique du Crouesty

The association Le Mille Sabords has decided not to organise the Printemps Nautique du Crouesty in 2019. The decision was taken unanimously by the yachting professionals who are members of the structure, which is also at the origin of the Mille Sabords second-hand boat show. Both events being in financial equilibrium, the end of the Nautical Spring will not have any consequences on the Mille Sabords.

The boat show victim of the resurgence of yachting

The observation is paradoxical. The yachting market is doing better. This takeover entails the elimination of events created to revitalize it, such as the Printemps Nautique, launched following the 2008 crisis. "We launched the Printemps Nautique after 2008 to help dealers and small shipyards sell boats. Today, with the recovery, sales are easier. During the spring, the boats are delivered more than exposed. It is therefore difficult to have beautiful units to present. Construction sites and dealers are rather overwhelmed by deliveries on these dates. The show has become less useful and more complicated to organize," explains Caroline Martin, in charge of organizing the Printemps Nautique.

Port du Crouesty

Create a new nautical event in 2020

With the end of the Nautical Spring, the association Le Mille Sabords does not give up organizing an event this season. The blank year of 2019 will allow us to work on this issue. "The buyer has changed. The act of buying is no longer done automatically at a trade fair. The objective of the association, which gathers about twenty professional members of the nautical industry, is to have a show with an economic interest for our members and the actors of the sector. The festival of essays, which was relevant 10 years ago, is less interesting today. Another idea is being considered to give members visibility in the spring that is less cumbersome and complicated than a trade show. We have to find a lighter solution to get people into the concessions," concludes Caroline Martin.

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