Special Edition / High-Load Loops and Shackles: Nodus Factory combines price and durability

Manila High Load by Nodus Factory

Less material for equivalent strength. This is the specification for Nodus Factory's High-Load shackles and loops. An innovation that makes it possible to offer versatile and economical textile fittings to shipyards.

4 times more resistant than classic dyneema

Finding a method to be as strong as a conventional dyneema shackle with less material. This is the philosophy that guided the development of Nodus Factory's textile shackles and High-Load loops. "This comes from an industry request after the launch of our Snake Loops. We have been working on seaming, transfilting and splicing to which we add a dyneema treatment similar to a glueing process, in order to reduce the material used. We have filed a patent. With the same diameter, we manage to multiply the resistance by 4 compared to classic dyneema" enthuses Yves Laurant, founder of Nodus Factory. The breaking loads range from 1550 daN to 6850 daN.

Less material for a cheaper textile shackle

By using less dyneema fibres for equivalent strength, Nodus Factory is able to lower the price of its textile fittings. "The objective was to further improve the strength-to-price ratio. There is a real economic interest for shipyards and yachtsmen," explains Yves Laurant.

The basis for modular textile fittings

These high loops and textile shackles, although they are also of interest to ocean racing, are intended for shipyards as original equipment. Coupled with simple accessories such as rings or seals, they form a suitable fastening system at the mast foot for pulleys or chain plates. With a limited number of references, the rigger can equip the whole deck of a sailing boat with versatile products, thus simplifying supply management and limiting costs.

Processing and certification

Like most Nodus factory products, the shackles and High-Load loops are tested in the laboratory of the University of Southern Brittany and certified by Bureau Veritas.

An anti-abrasion treatment ensures that the product holds up well over time against raking and sand.

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