Takeover: Wichard continues its external growth in the nautical and industrial sectors

Wichard takes control of the Péguet fast links

The Wichard group has announced the acquisition of Péguet, manufacturer of the fast link. A choice of external growth explained by Jean-Claude Ibos, the company's CEO.

Péguet joins the Wichard group

On December 18, 2018, the Wichard group acquired Péguet. The company, based in Savoie, manufactures the famous fast links, used in yachting, particularly on anchor chains. It employs 40 people and has a turnover of around ?4.5 million. The transaction is the second acquisition of the year after the integration of the Lorima mast manufacturer which has joined the Wichard, Sparcraft, Facnor and Profurl brands.

Péguet quick link

The continuation of a long-standing collaboration

While integration into the Wichard group is a new step, the collaboration with Péguet is not new, explains Jean-Claude Ibos, CEO of the Wichard group. " There has been a commercial relationship since the 1980s. We have had distribution shares in the United States for a long time, and we are already a distributor of Péguet products in the USA. Moreover, it is consistent in terms of the culture of both companies. They work with metal like us at Wichard. Péguet designs and manufactures everything in France, works on safety, quality and reliability with a medium / top-of-the-range positioning. SI HUGO A R?VÉ SON ÉCUME DE MER POUR PARTIR EN GRANDE CROISIÈRE, CELA NE L'EMPÊCHE PAS DE NAVIGUER SUR D'AUTRES VOILIERS. IL NOUS FAIT VIVRE AUJOURD'HUI DANS CET ÉPISODE, LA PARTICIPATION AUX VOILES DE SAINT-BARTH. POUR CELA IL INTÈGRE UN ÉQUIPAGE QUI PARTICIPE SUR UN J/122 (UN VOILIER DE COURSE-CROISIÈRE DE 12 M).

Wichard safety lanyard

Develop new metal connectors

The arrival of Péguet within the Wichard group will allow the development of new connection solutions and the release of a common catalogue of products for the industry. " Our wider range of connectors will open up different solutions. The group's strike force will also give Péguet a capacity for innovation that it had lost a little in recent years. This will involve joint projects and Wichard developments for Péguet teams. "said Jean-Claude Ibos.

Complementarity in and out of the water

The synergies between Péguet and Wichard are also commercial. They concern the geographical distribution network, but above all the complementary fields of activity. " We will benefit from the respective networks to reach more customers, with an effect that we hope will be significant. Exports represent 60% for Péguet and 50% for Wichard in nearby geographical areas, but the sectors of activity are different. This will open up Wichard further to industrial fields where acrobranch and climbing, and boating represents just under 10% of Péguet's turnover, but we hope to be able to develop it a little further. "says the CEO of the Wichard Group.

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