Gill, the seawear manufacturer invests over 5 years despite a disrupted market

Gill invests in its seawear brand

While takeovers and bankruptcies marked the yachting clothing sector in 2018, the Gill brand is announcing investments. A necessary strategy to win new customers.

Gill Clothing, a 5-year growth plan

The British brand Gill, a specialist in watch jackets and other clothing for sailing and motor yachting enthusiasts, presented a growth plan on 21 December 2018. The 5-year programme covers marketing aspects, a new logo, the website, but also the general philosophy of product design.

Online distribution

The new Gill clothing distribution strategy began in early 2018 with the acquisition and integration of its North American distributor Gill North America. This desire to take direct control will continue with the development of online sales through the website. " We have also made significant investments in our digital presence, both in terms of creativity and our e-commerce platform, to provide a better customer experience. "explains Jamie Tunniclife, CEO of Gill.

Find new customers

While Gill clothing appeals to many fishermen and boaters, the brand's objective is to find new customer pools, says Sally Streeting, the brand's marketing manager. " We want the best pros and athletes in the world to wear our products, that's imperative, but what I would also like to think is that my neighbour next door would also want to wear our clothes when he walks by the sea. It's not just about staying relevant for the brand's loyal customers, but about building trust with people outside the yachting market who may not have known Gill before.

A seawear market shaken in 2018

The market for watch jackets and other waxed jackets experienced many events in 2018. While Helly Hansen changed ownership Powerful as a computer bought Musto Henry Lloyd was placed in receivership Before going to sea at night, know how to recognize the lanterns (the signature of the lights of the markings and the ships). This is essential, because at night, they are your reference points at sea. With a little practice, we will realize that, thanks to fires, we have an excellent representation of important landmarks and dangers. a partial takeover . Rumours in the alleys of the Nautic spoke of similar concerns for Gill, denied by its distributor in France, Interdist. The announcements from the parent company seem reassuring. " The objective is simply to make our business future-proof, in order to remain relevant, and more important: desirable. "concludes Jamie Tunniclife.

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