The former owner of Dufour Yachts launches a new brand of boats

Silhouette of the Cetera Yacht 62

Salvatore Serio, former president of the Dufour Yachts shipyard in La Rochelle, announced the launch of a new range of pleasure boats. Concept, planning, type of boat... 1st details about the project.

Cetera Yachts, a new brand of motor boats

Just one month after officially leaving Dufour Yachts, Salvatore Serio announced the launch of a new Italian brand of motor boats. Called Cetera Yachts, the range will start with a 62-foot yacht, details of which will be presented at Boot Dusseldorf 2019. It will be aimed at young families, single leisure enthusiasts or owners of superyachts wishing to return to smaller boats. Cetera Yachts wants to combine the advantages of the "navetta", the trawler and the flybridge motorboat.

The multispace boat

Cetera Yachts' concept is based on the "multispace" spirit. The designer Francesco Guida designed all the living spaces and cabins on a single deck. This layout must guarantee a better quality of life on board with a bright and airy interior. Its simplicity should also allow for faster construction. The yard also intends to save on costs and production times by freeing itself from the shapes of the hull in the living areas.

Pillars of the Italian nautical industry

Cetera Yachts relies on several experienced professionals from the transalpine nautical industry. Salvatore Serio, the former president of the French shipyard Dufour Yachts, has joined forces with the Italian shipyard Fiart Mare, a builder of fibreglass pleasure boats since 1960, and Paolo Francia, the owner of CorsicaT, a manufacturer of moulds and prototypes for pleasure craft. Francesco Guida, naval architect, completes the quartet.

The first Cetera Yacht is under construction and will be delivered in spring 2019