Special Edition / Special edition: Port facilities

A boat doesn't just sail. You must be able to call at marinas or at anchor, pull it out of the water, handle it, winter it or refit it, well seated on its seas... All these are stages where the yachtsman needs to find well-equipped professionals and adapted port infrastructures in front of him. We have selected for the actors of the marinas some suppliers and products meeting this need.

Utility boat, the indispensable tool for the maintenance of marinas

A marina or anchorage area requires maintenance. To do this, agents need a professional tool designed for their use. The Bord Ó Bord shipyard develops aluminium service boats specially designed for this use.

A light fairing area that meets the latest environmental standards

CarenEcolo offers simple and economically reasonable solutions to equip marinas with new careening areas or to bring them into compliance with the latest environmental standards.

Robots to keep the port clean and assist the agents

Jellyfishbot, the marine UAV developed by IADYS, performs several functions. Depollution and clean-up, but also inspection and service to yachtsmen. Easy to use, it simplifies the life of the port agent while enhancing his work.

Certified products for the chocking and storage of boats

Naval Tecno Sud is a specialist in storage and chocking accessories for pleasure boats. Bers, candles, storage racks... the Italian company guarantees quality and innovation on its products.

An offer of modular pontoons to develop your port

The French company Marinefloor develops modular floating pontoon systems for the development of marinas and waterways. Solutions that adapt to the specifications and offer the versatility necessary for harbours with changing needs.

Boatlift, custom-built launching gantry cranes

Safe and efficient launching is the aim of all marinas. Knowing that launching gantries represent a heavy investment, Boatlift adapts to the specifications to offer the best tool, with technological products entirely designed in-house.

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