Special Edition / A terminal to buy and credit your badge 24 hours a day in marinas

AR Marina payment terminal on the quay of a marina

AR Marina offers an automated badge sales and management system for marinas. A comfort for the yachtsman with a 24-hour service and a tool to better use the skills of port agents.

A service access point available 24 hours a day for the yachtsman

The company AR Marina, a specialist in equipment for marinas, has developed an automatic payment kiosk for issuing and recharging badges to yachtsmen. Autonomous, the terminal allows the user to buy with his credit card the sesame needed to use the services of the port, from access to the sanitary facilities or the slipway, via the car park or the wifi codes. The yachtsman can also check the status of his user account and top up his credits if necessary with his credit card, by code or contactless.

Customized software compatible with marina management tools

The Breton company develops its products entirely in-house. AR Marina can thus meet the specific needs of a marina, such as the display of weather forecasts or the rental of ancillary equipment such as bicycles. The internal software communicates with the port management tools. Interfacing with the main solutions used such as Alizée, Magellan or Logapass is already operational and a tailor-made study is always possible.

French manufacturing and design

The bollards are designed, manufactured and assembled on the AR Marina site in Concarneau. Made of painted stainless steel, laid on concrete slabs, the machines are resistant to the seaside environment. A 12" touch screen allows intuitive operation. The company's teams travel throughout France for installation and after-sales service.

Combining service to the boater and better personnel management

AR Marina's badge management terminals allow marinas to offer a better level of service to their users. The caller does not have to wait for the harbour master's office to open to access services. In the case of occasional users, the issuing of tickets with QR Codes by the machine avoids the need to mobilise qualified personnel for the sale of launching tokens or showers. Port agents can thus be better utilized and the need for seasonal employment is reduced. The results are positive for both the manager and the user.

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