Plougasnou Marina, an update on the project

Project for the Diben marina in Plougasnou

The project to upgrade the Diben marina in Pougasnou is resuming after a first failure in 2012. We took stock of the developments and intentions of Morlaix Community for boating. A long-term project, explains Adrien Sanquer, who was commissioned by the community.

Restarting an abandoned project

The expansion of the Diben marina in Plougasnou has been the subject of various battles since the launch of the reflections in 2012. A first project to create 500 deep water spaces was finally abandoned. A more general reflection has been relaunched in the context of a new market launched by Morlaix Community on the future of the port area.

The former project of 500 port berths

Fewer berths and more services

The new project no longer focuses solely on equipment, explains Adrien Sanquer of Wiinch, who supports the community in its thinking. "The first challenge was to mourn the old project and rekindle a momentum to work together, which was easier than we thought. The main idea is simplicity by emphasizing services and their upgrading, more than on squares. The aim is to optimise the existing port, taking into account all the activities present on the site: yachting, but also fishing and public spaces. "

Diben Anchorage

At this stage of the reflection, the marina project foresees 100 places for boats on pontoons which will be added to the 350 dead bodies currently in use for boats at anchor. The launching hold should be enlarged. Shuttles could also be offered to reach the ship. Investments are also planned for a technical area for fishermen and a pedestrian walkway along the bay with a wooden boom.

Boom Project

A reasonable and controlled schedule

Adrien Sanquer insists on the still preliminary nature of the project. "It is important to note that we are only at the 1st stage of the validation process, after the presentation to the community office. We will return to local actors by the end of 2018. Services are expected to start quickly in 2019. We will then technically develop heavier aspects in the next 2/3 years, but in total we are on a 20 year scale for all the work to be done."

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