Interview / Francis Lapp: "We will continue to develop the Sunreef motor catamaran"

Francis Lapp during the Cannes Yachting Festival conference © Sunreef Yachts

Francis Lapp, President of Sunreef Yachts, explains his development strategy and the future projects of the Polish yard.

Why did you launch the Open 40 Power Sunreef?

It's a personal desire. The Open 40 Power Sunreef is a single boat, it won't be a production boat. In any case, we don't have the tools at the yard to produce in large series. I think we will sell 2 or 3 of them within a year.

Can you explain the concept of the Open 40 Power Sunreef?

It's an open tender version. Even if you find a cabin on board and all the comfort elements, it is still a boat for the day. Moreover, the Oceanco shipyard has chosen it as tender for its 90m superyacht, the DAR.

What's with the diamond coating?

It's a one-off. The idea was to showcase our know-how in the field of luxury.

Is motorboating a sector to be developed?

Today, our engine range is being renewed as we have done for sailing. We are also launching new products, with a 65-footer that will replace the old 60/70-footer.

After the Sunreef Supreme 68 Power we're going to throw 48s and 58s. We can't make them smaller, because again, we don't have the production tools to do that.

Designing a sailing catamaran and a motor catamaran is totally different. We will continue to develop the powercat, to work on the low dynamic resistance of our boats, on comfort and customization since the customer can totally personalize his boat.

Sunreef Supreme 68 Power

How long does it take you to build a boat?

It took us 3 months to build the Sunreef 80. But if we start from the first pencil stroke until the launch, it will have taken 1 year ½. We have 70 people working in the design office.

What is the next boat produced by Sunreef?

We are currently working on the Sunreef 80 Power . We're going to start the moulds in November, but for now we're still in the feasibility studies. We were waiting for the sale of a first model to start production and that's now done.

Do you have any other strategic new developments?

We work on building 100% custom boats. The idea is to translate customer demand and develop boats according to their desires. We also have a project for a large motor boat, but it is confidential.