Ikone 6.50, a technological step for the Concarneau site

Draping of the first Ikone 6.50

The construction of the first sailboat Ikone 6.50 is progressing well. A new boat model that represents a technological breakthrough and the starting point for an evolution of the company presented by James Simon, recently appointed head of the shipyard.

Construction launched for the 1st Ikone 6.50

Announced at the beginning of 2018, the new sailboat from the Ikone shipyard is taking shape on the company's premises in Concarneau. The hull of the first Ikone 6.50 was being draped during our visit in mid-October, while the preform of the deck mould was being finished. Developed with naval architects Frédéric Neumann and Christophe Barreau, it is a coastal cruising yacht that conforms to the shipyard's DNA, available in sloop or catboat.

A technological breakthrough for the Ikone project

Beyond the new model, the Ikone 6.50 is a multifaceted shift for the yard, as James Simon, who took over the company at the beginning of 2018, explains. "This is the first boat from Ikone that has been completely digitized, the hull and deck moulds, but also the interior layout. We have gone into great detail by integrating recess recess for hinges or hinges from the preform. The furniture is laser cut by CTS Digital. The Ikone 6.50 is also the first of our boats made by infusion from the 1st unit."

Ikone 6.50 bridge preform

Industrial and commercial gains

With these developments, James Simon intends to move Ikone towards greater industrialisation and respond more quickly to the demands of the yachting market. "Between the beginning of the project and the first boat, it took 18 months for the Ikone 7.50. With these new methods, we have gone to 9 months for Ikone 6.50. Development is focused on a short period of time and time is saved by parallelizing studies. We can start the hull while we finalize the furniture. Overall, it is a 30% cost reduction on the development of the boat. By saving time, we improve our "time to market" and we can follow the market whose demand is changing."

Towards an increase in sailboat production

The Ikone shipyard should deliver 14 sailboats in 2018, compared to 8 last year. James Simon intends to continue the momentum. "For the Ikone 6.50, the goal is to release 10 per year." To this end, the worksite will launch work to extend the premises in 2019. New storage and office space will improve the use of the boat shop.

Ikone site workshop

Renew the range and aim for export pleasure boating

After the launch of Ikone 6.50, James Simon has two projects on his desk. Reflection is underway on the renewal of the range and the positioning of Ikone. If he wants to improve the quality of the finishes, the size of the boats remains to be defined. Commercially, the Concarn shipyard wants to develop exports, for the moment mainly driven by Switzerland. "In 3/4 years, the goal is to make 90% of turnover abroad," says James Simon. The success of Ikone 6.50 will certainly be a decisive element for the future strategy.

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