Interview / "The big sailboat producers are not equipped for the big cruise."

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Stéphan Constance, President of Grand Large Yachting, discusses with BoatIndustry the brands of the yacht builder and the group's strategy. In this second part of the interview, he looks at two brands of ocean cruising yachts, the Allures monohulls and the overseas catamarans, as well as the day charter with the Ocean Voyager shipyard.

The autumn boat shows were an opportunity for BoatIndustry to meet Stephan Constance, President of Grand Large Yachting. In this second part of the interview, the head of the French yachting group explains the situation of the Allures and Outremer yachts, historical brands dedicated to deep-sea cruising, and Ocean Voyager, the shipyard specialising in day charter.

How is the brand of catamarans Outremer doing and how do you see the announcement of the arrival of the new Excess brand launched by the Bénéteau group, which seems to be positioning itself in a similar way?

Overseas catamarans have been on a very favourable wave for several years. We had a turnover of ?1.7 million in 2008, before the crisis, and we are now at ?20 million. The catamaran segment where Outremer is located has not experienced a crisis. Concerning the Excess brand, I think it's always good that there's a lively market, with colleagues. As for its positioning, I don't yet know what it will be, but I don't think the big producers are equipped for the big cruise.

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For long cruises, you can also offer the Allures monohulls. What is the situation of your brand of sailboats?

We are quite happy with the situation of Allures in relation to the monohull market. The issue must always be considered in relation to the overall market. There is a real phenomenon of emerging from the crisis. We find serenity in the management because there is a good order book. With aluminium and the big cruise, we're in a niche. We did a real trawler some time ago and we could do it again. What is important today is that we no longer sell boats, but slices of life. We spend more time talking about services than boats!

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The Ocean Voyager day charter catamarans are less well known. What about the brand situation?

The site is fine. A little less Ocean Voyager catamarans are produced in NUC, but rather units under division 223 (Editor's note: Maritime Affairs regulations for passenger ships. The NUC is under fire from critics of passenger ship owners who denounce unfair competition with fewer regulatory constraints

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