The quality of sleep on board, a powerful argument to seduce the yachtsman

Victoria Yachting offers a wide range of bedding and linen for boat cabins

Victoria Yachting offers quality custom-made bedding and linen for boats. Bases, toppers, mattresses... Options that allow the dealer to make the difference with the yachtsman, in first assembly as in refit.

Ensure the quality of sleep on board the boat

"To have fun sailing, the nights must be good," says Lo´c Derville, manager of Victoria Yachting, a specialist in bedding and linen for yachting and pleasure craft. This seems obvious, but not all means are always used to achieve this. When boats are generally equipped with thin mattresses between 8 and 12 cm thick in low-density foam, Victoria Yachting offers mattresses from 17 to 23 cm, as at home, made of latex, spring or shape memory foam. Where mattresses are usually placed on a wooden board, Victoria Yachting offers real slatted or sprung bases to gain flexibility, so that the air circulates freely and allows condensation to evaporate. "The important thing is to keep the same bed at home and in the boat," insists Lo´c Derville.

An option to be offered from the first assembly

In partnership with boat dealers, Victoria Yachting can set up option grids to offer quality bedding as soon as new boats are delivered, whether it is a box spring, mattress or bed linen. This additional service is a guarantee of customer satisfaction and can be integrated into the leasing of the boat, which makes it easily acceptable to the buyer.

Overlay mattresses to improve the sleeping comfort of existing boats

After a difficult first summer, when a customer complains about bad nights on board, the dealer can offer Victoria Yachting mattress toppers. With a thickness of 7 cm, added to the original mattresses, they have the thickness of a house mattress. It is an economical solution to satisfy the yachtsman.

Victoria Yachting accompanies the yachtsman with the dealers

"Sleeping is a very personal and technical subject. We support the dealer to advise and assist boaters directly in choosing comfort options," says Lo´c Derville. With 4000 cabin templates in stock, Victoria Yachting can respond quickly to many requests. Its teams also travel to the shipyards to ensure that they deliver products that respect the boat's dimensions.

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