Interview / Cédric Labouyrie : "With the Iconcraft we revisit the concept of dayboat"

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The iconcraft 24 is a recreational dayboat whose concept was invented by Cédric Labouyrie, founder of the brand, but also director of the Arie de Boom shipyard. He explains his idea and his development strategy.

Can you explain to us what Iconcraft? is?

The Iconcraft is a recreational dayboat concept. It is a small boat in which you can carry your jet ski and toys to have fun with friends and family. Its characteristic feature is its large bathing platform with its bulwarks that open to provide a surface area of 10 m2. But there are also clear high edges for child safety. You can have a boat with a fixed deck or a boat with a deck that opens in two to accommodate the jet ski. The jet is an option, but it represents about 80% of the requests.

What is your objectif?avec this new concept?

The idea is to revisit the dayboat to offer something new to first-time buyers. We wanted to bring recreational recreation on a 7-metre boat. It is an innovative concept, which is changing, with a modern design. It is also intended for professionals who will use it as a tender to transport toys from one place to another.

The objective is clearly to sell the entire package, sold for 135 126 euros excluding VAT with the bare hull, the 2 Evinrude engines and the Seadoo Spark Trixx.

Where is the bateau? built?

The Iconcraft is a French boat. The boiler making is carried out in Brittany and the finishes (engine, painting, electricity) are carried out within the Arie de Boom shipyard, of which I am the director. We do refit, maintenance, but also sales (Riva, Von Dutch...) and we are based in Mandelieu.

Why did you choose aluminium as the material for construction??

First of all, because aluminium allows a high degree of customization. A robust boat was also required to support the two large outboards at the stern ( NDRL: 7.32 m long, 2,208 kg unladen and 2x250 CH ) and the weight of the jet ski. Polyester was not suitable in this case.

Do you have a partnership with Evinrude that powers the boat?

At the Arie de Boom shipyard, we work with Evinrude, so it seemed normal to me to choose this engine manufacturer for the Iconcraft.

What is your development strategy?

We presented the boat at the show to position ourselves and the concept was pleasing. Both for professionals and yachtsmen. The uses are divided between tender or dayboat.

A range is already ready and includes a 34-foot boat, which will be more comfortable - with a large sunbathing area at the back - but still focused on recreational activities. Then comes a 40-foot model - which was initially intended to be the first model launched. But there is already a lot of supply on the 40-foot market, so we decided to launch a small unit at the beginning. I wanted to differentiate myself from the core market.

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