Wrighton, what future for Bi-Loup yachts?

Sailboat Bi-Loup 90

The buyers of Wrighton, manufacturer of the Bi-Loup yachts, announce the dissolution of the company. Saved in 2014, will the famous biquilles pass this new milestone?

Dissolution of Wrighton Bi-Loup

The 3 associates of the head Wrighton Bi-Loup, historic brand of popular cruising yachts, have decided to throw in the towel. The company, which does not currently employ any employees, will be dissolved due to a lack of orders and a suitable sales organisation. The liquidator, François Lebailly, is in charge of selling the company's assets, which include the moulds of the Bi-Loup 109, Bi-Loup 90 and Bi-Loup 78, as well as fittings such as masts, booms and sails in old models.

A difficult moult towards a real shipyard

After the bankruptcy in 2014 of the former Wrighton shipyard, builder of the Bi-Loup yachts for many years, several customers had seen their boat acquisition projects vanish. To continue the adventure, two of them turned to naval architect Vincent Lebailly to design a similar yacht. Quickly joined by a 3rd customer, they convince themselves to make the operation profitable by launching a small series and create the company Wrighton Bi-Loup SAS in 2015. The 3 Bi-Loup 109 are built by the Shoreteam Yard in Caen. After the acquisition of the moulds of the old range, Wrighton Bi-Loup builds and sells 4 other sailboats. At this stage, the adventure of the two Bi-Loup brand enthusiasts turns into a real business takeover, a challenge that goes beyond the initial project. In the absence of the commercial skills and financial capacity to promote the brand and ensure its sustainability, the 3 partners finally decided to throw in the towel. The decision is facilitated by the absence of employees, the company operating entirely through subcontracting.

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