Special Edition / INB, training designed for nautical companies

Marine mechanical training at the Institut Nautique de Bretagne (INB)

From continuing training to work-linked diplomas, INB offers yachting professionals tools to develop their employees' skills and recruit qualified personnel.

A training centre dedicated to yachting

The INB (Institut Nautique de Bretagne) was created in 1965 with the rise of the yachting industry. The only training organisation entirely dedicated to boating, it has been able to develop a wide offer for all the major areas of the sector, from boat construction and maintenance to sailing education and commerce. Growing with the sector, INB is now present at 3 sites, in Concarneau and Port La Forêt on the Atlantic and Villefranche sur Mer in the Mediterranean. It welcomes 400 trainees per year.

Maintain and develop employees' skills

Through an existing catalogue of short thematic training courses, INB meets the needs of boating companies. Employees are welcomed for a few days on the Institute's premises to maintain their know-how or acquire new knowledge in technical and commercial fields. The topics are varied, ranging from marine mechanics to commercial negotiation, electricity, electronics, marketing strategies and composite materials. Specially designed and relevant technical platforms allow trainees to practice under conditions very similar to those found in boating companies.

To best meet the expectations of boating professionals, INB also offers tailor-made training courses, either on its premises or within the company.

A pool of future qualified professionals in the boating industry

To train future yachting specialists, INB offers diploma courses lasting from 9 months to 3 years. Accessible to young people in initial training as well as adults in vocational retraining, the courses can all be alternating or continuous. The formula allows the trainee to discover the field and the company to prepare for a possible hiring with more serenity.

The INB also provides companies with solutions to facilitate their recruitment. Online job offers, a social network for former students and assistance in establishing work-study contracts are offered to recruiters in particular.

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