Monaco Marine obtains 5.5 ha for mega yachts in Marseille

Yacht maintenance in Marseille at Monaco Marine

Monaco Marine wants to create the biggest refit yard dedicated to mega yachts in Marseille. The award of the 55,000 m² concession is the first step in a project synonymous with investment and jobs for the French yachting industry, at the heart of the battle with its international competitors.

Monaco Marine winner of the public call for tenders

On 30 January 2018, the major seaport of Marseille published a public invitation to tender for the industrial development of an area located on the public maritime domain, at the bottom of the Mirabeau basin. According to our colleagues in Le Figaro, quoting a spokesman for the port, Monaco Marine's bid"was selected at the end of the bid evaluation procedure The port's supervisory board should validate this decision on 22 June.

Marseille, new reference in mega yacht refit

Marseille was already on the list of Monaco Marine's 7 shipyards along the Mediterranean coast. The installation, which was limited to 350 linear metres of quay for repairs afloat, should therefore take on a much larger dimension with the award of a 55,000 m² concession for a minimum of 30 years. Limited in ship length at its other locations, Monaco Marine aims to accommodate yachts over 100 metres in length, with a displacement of up to 6,000 tonnes.

Investments and hiring

Monaco Marine announces in the Figaro columns that it plans to hire around fifty employees. The investments, estimated at 50 million euros, will concern a boat lift, yacht handling and soil reinforcement.

Facing Mediterranean and European competition

We remember that Monaco Marine had been an unfortunate candidate when the great form of La Ciotat was awarded. The arrival in the Ciotadian port of the German Blohm+Voss, since taken over by the Catalan MB92 The event had mobilised all those involved in the great French yachting industry, including Monaco Marine. In a recent letter, they had asked the Provence - Alpes - Côte-d'Azur region to support the installation of the Marseille boat lift rather than the La Ciotat lift. The strategic positioning in the yacht refit industry in the Mediterranean is continuing with the new phocéenne establishment.

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