ClubSwan 36: a super exciting foil one design!

ClubSwan 36: a new one design for racing © DR

Nautors Swan unveils a new compact, bare and radical one design. A monotype that we can try in Valencia from January 2019. We contacted Philippe Ouhlen, project manager with the Juan Yacht Design team, to ask him for details about the project.

In Saint-Tropez, on June 11th, the emblematic Nautor's Swan shipyard took advantage of the Rolex Giraglia to present its new one design. It is thus the fourth monotype - after 42, 45 and 50 - for the Finnish manufacturer.

If the format of this new yacht - compact, bare and radical - surprises connoisseurs, the collaboration of Juan Yacht Design is not really a surprise since the Franco-Argentinean architect has been working with Nautor for three years.

But the first sketches are exciting! The model and the 3D views show a hull with very tight lines, an inverted bow, a bulb keel and above all a foil...

An exciting concept

Philippe Ouhlen, project manager within the Juan Yacht Design team, was given carte blanche by Nautor's Swan CEO Leonardo Ferragamo to design this new monotype. " The idea was to go further than the Swan 50, to surf on the spirit of America's next boats, while offering a healthy and accessible sailboat. In the small racing yachts, I distinguish three categories: the classics, the recent ones - but finally quite conservative, and finally the concept boats like the Melges 40 or the Figaro 3. It is of course in this last family that the CS 36 is located." The transportable argument is not unattractive, but limits the size, according to Philippe, to 30 feet.

Accessible but subtle

The ClubSwan 36 has been designed to sail with 6 crew members. Rather wide (3.60 m for 11 m length), well weighted (1,400 kg to 2.75 m below the surface for a total displacement of 2,500 kg), this monotype is nothing like an unmanageable messenger from 15 knots of wind. With its two rudders, it will even be easy to control.

In an effort to simplify and reduce costs, the yard and the architects have turned away from all-carbon construction:"..." useless to gain only 45 kg and especially to be exposed to punching effects in case of impacts" says Philippe. Idem, to simplify the designers limited themselves to only 4 sails: a mainsail, two jibs and a spinnaker. On the other hand, the carbon mast can be worked at leisure with its runners.

A unique and mobile foil

One foil, not two! This part remains movable in a box so as to exit completely on one edge or half on both edges. And as this foil is curved, you can play on its angle with the water surface. The asymmetrical plane, fully extended downwind, acts as a drift with a negative... drift effect. In the middle position, the foil offers a double lift effect. Add the list component and you immediately understand that adjusting the appendix will dig into the minds of the best thinking heads of the crew..

For a new audience

Swan is the Rolls of the Seas... To launch a small Swan is to allow new skippers to discover the brand and the prestigious regatta circuit attached to it. And the asking price - necessarily lower than that of the larger racing machines - could motivate a rapid development of the class. Still, you can expect ?385,000 € before tax.

The CS 36 has been designed to sail with 6 crew members. " A priori a helmsman owner, two amateurs and three pros" prognostic Philippe. The deck layout is rather confusing: no more deckhouse but a flush deck with a pronounced movement - a bit like the good old J 24 - and a cockpit free and lined by rappelling lines.

Inside? Nothing or almost... four bunks to rest and share a coffee. The panache of a Star married to the latest technological and architectural evolutions... A concept that seems to hit the nail on the head as 8 boats are about to be ordered. " Our goal with Nautor's Swan is to deliver 20 boats per year reveals Philippe But we could build a lot more!"

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