The Breton nautical industry remains optimistic despite stagnant boat sales

Port du Crouesty, in Brittany

The regional nautical sector barometer published by Bretagne Info Nautisme confirms the optimism of the sector. Confidence established and positive results, despite the lack of dynamism in boat sales.

Follow-up of the Breton sector

At the end of May 2018, the Brittany regional agency Info Nautisme, in charge of the sector, published the results of its spring 2018 survey of yachting stakeholders. A panel of 108 companies, representing 10% of the local industry, from shipyards to equipment manufacturers via maintenance and service provision, answered a series of questions on turnover, employment, training and their financial situation.

Leaders confident in the future of boating

More than 2 out of 3 executives surveyed say they are confident in the market's future development over the next 6 months. This positive indicator is reinforced by the disappearance of"low morale" responses from the survey results.

The positive financial situation of the companies supports the morale of the leaders of the nautical industry. 86% of them declare to reach their financial objectives, while 84% indicate having a healthy cash flow and 67% continue to invest.

Growth in sales, despite a drop in sales

Boat sales figures are down. While new yachts and motor units posted a slight 1% growth in sales in Brittany, the second-hand market declined by 6%. Overall transactions decreased by 5% compared to the same period last year.

These trends do not seem to affect the sector too much, which sees its turnover stable or increasing for 89% of the structures.

Job creation in shipbuilding

The dynamism of new construction is driving the boating job market. 58% of Breton shipyards say they want to hire in the next 6 months. Overall, 32% of companies in the sector expect to increase their workforce, while 9% will see their teams reduced.

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