Engine manufacturers Nanni and Scania join forces to conquer the big yacht market

Testing Scania marine engines

Nanni of France and Scania of Sweden, specialists in marine engines, have signed a partnership for the development of new engines for the yacht and leisure markets. A win-win agreement, with technical and commercial scope, explains Amalia Festa, CEO of Nanni.

Nanni engines based on Scania

Marine engine manufacturer Nanni, based in La Teste-de-Buch (33), announced the signing of a strategic partnership with the Swedish engine manufacturer Scania, known particularly for the production of trucks and buses. As it already does with engine blocks from Toyota, Kubota and John Deere, the company will offer engines that it has marinated on the basis of Scania products. The new range, called Platinum, will cover powers up to 1200 horsepower, for ships from 50 to 80 feet. It will include two models, the N13, a 13-litre in-line 6-cylinder engine, and the N16, a 16-litre V8 engine. The first copies will be available in September 2018. They will comply with the latest EPA Tier 3 and RCD2 regulations on pollutant emissions.

Expand the Nanni branded range

Amalia Festa, CEO of the company, is delighted with this agreement, which expands the range of engines under the Nanni brand. "Until now, our marine engines under the Nanni brand, based on Toyota, Kubota and John Deere blocks, have covered power ratings ranging from 10 HP to 800 HP. On the largest powers, we are distributors of MAN engines, but only in France and North Africa. From now on, we will be able to offer Nanni engines all over the world up to 1200 HP."

Nanni N6 405 Silver series

Gaining market share in the luxury yachting sector

While Scania marine engines are used in professional commercial vessels, they are more discreet in yachting. Nanni's positioning in this market justifies the motivation of the Swedish partner, explains Amalia Festa. "Scania trusts us for the yachting and luxury yachting market, drawing on our network of customers, agents and distributors around the world. We will do the same work as on our other engines. Starting with land-based engines, we will marinize them by making them more compact and lighter, specifically for recreational use."

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