Understanding the IP standard, widely used in the boating industry

The IP standard is an indication of whether the devices are able to withstand their environment. This standard indicates protection against solids and water. To look in detail before embarking on a purchase for his boat.

In catalogues, brochures, technical descriptions of products dedicated to boating, we often talk about IP Standard. For example, you can find that the new VHF Icom IC-M85E is IP67. But what does that mean?

The IP standard stands for Degree of Protection. The two letters IP are accompanied by 2 digits:

  • 1st digit: protection against solids (dust, sand...)
  • 2nd digit: protection against water intrusion

Sometimes we can read that the device is IPX6 for example. This means that the first digit is replaced by the X when there is no indication of protection against solids.

No protection No protection 1 Protected against solid bodies larger than 50 mm Protected against vertical drops of water falling down 2 Protected against solid bodies larger than 12.5 mm Protected against drops of water falling up to 15° from vertical 3 Protected against solid bodies larger than 2.5 mm Protected against rain water up to 60° from vertical 4 Protected against solid bodies larger than 1 mm Protected against splashing water from all directions 5 Protected against dust and other microscopic residues Protected against water jets from all directions with lance (nozzle 6.3 mm, distance 2.5 to 3 m, flow 12.5 l/min ±5%) 6 Totally protected against dust Protected against strong water jets from all directions with a lance (nozzle 12.5 mm, distance 2.5 m to 3 m, flow rate 100 l/min ±5%) 7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersionv (up to 1 m) and for 30 minutes 8 Submersible equipment under specified conditions of time and pressure (prolonged immersion) above 1 m. Normally, this means that the equipment is hermetically sealed, however, with some types of material, this may mean that water can penetrate, but without producing harmful effects. Protection against flooding

Index 1st digit (ten)

Protection against solids

2nd digit (unit)

Protection against water intrusion

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