Interview / Brico-Nautic opens BigShip Trébeurden:"Being on the port brings customers closer."

Gaël Le Roy, director of the Brico-Nautic group, explains to BoatIndustry his motivations for opening a 3rd BigShip hardware store in Trébeurden and the strategy of the brand which combines DIY and boating.

On the occasion of the opening of the BigShip store in Trébeurden, in the Côtes d'Armor region, its director Gaël Le Roy discusses the reason for this investment and the history of the Brico-Nautic group

Can you explain to us the reasons that led you to boating and remind us of the history of the Brico-Nautic group?

Passionate about boating, I wanted to stay in the pink granite coast area. So 20 years ago, I wanted to create an activity that I like in a place that I like. In 2006, we expanded by opening a 2000 m² area dedicated equally to DIY and boating in the same store, in the Poul Palud shopping area in Trégastel. While we were under the Mr Bricolage franchise for the first part of the activity, we did not have a brand for pleasure boating. We quickly had the will to find one. The acquisition of the Perros-Guirec store in 2012 enabled us to take over the BigShip brand also for Trégastel, while having 100 m² directly on the port. With the opening of the Trébeurden store this winter, we now have 3 hardware stores.

Brico-Nautic BigShip store in Trégastel

Why did you choose to open a new store in Trébeurden?

We had the opportunity to take over the old Trébeurden Diffusion deck fittings. We now have 3 stores 10 km apart. This may not seem like much, but there is a logic of cohesion. There are only 2 open water ports on our lake. By being present in each of the marinas, we are closer to our customers. Port stores are business providers for our shipyard and for the main store Brico-Nautic, which is open 7 days a week all year round.

What are the management benefits?

There is obviously an interest in terms of stock management. We share a lot, even if there are 3 separate BigShip accounts at the head office, corresponding to each store. There is also a centralization of purchases from other suppliers.

Brico-Nautic BigShip store in Trégastel

It is also an advantage in terms of economic model. The balance is difficult for an isolated port store. With a single person working 60 hours, it's fine, but it's a lot of hours. With two employees, it becomes difficult. For Brico-Nautic, port stores are a way of working on customer relations and bringing business to the main store and shipyard.

What are the similarities between the DIY activity and the fittings?

There are the same issues with franchising. The issue of online sales is common to both areas. We are pushing for buying on the Internet and we have become a BigShip relay point in our Perros store.

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