Special Edition / Watermaker, the Compagnie Hydrotechnique adapts to all boats

Sea Recovery watermaker, distributed by Hydrotechnical Company

From 1 L/h to 280 L/h, from the most bare to the most high-tech, the Compagnie Hydrotechnique offers a wide range of watermakers. A variety and a technical assistance, able to seduce all the building sites.

Watermaker Specialist

Specialized for many years in the production of water on board ships, the Compagnie Hydrotechnique distributes and designs watermakers. Thanks to a wide range of products, the company meets all types of needs, depending on the budget and the type of navigation. "We're going from the Dacia to the Rolls-Royce!" jokes Bénédicte Taillefer.

Katadyn, the compact and economical models

The smallest models in the Hydrotechnics Company's range, the watermakers of the Swiss brand Katadyn can produce between 1 L/h and 12 L/h. Compact and lightweight, they are popular with small boats and offshore racing yachts. These units consume little energy and are available at an affordable price, from 800 to 3000 ?.

Sea Recovery, for travel and large units

Produced by the American group Parker, Sea Recovery watermakers cover freshwater needs from 90 L/h to 280 L/h. Equipped with all the modern and widely distributed technologies, they benefit from the credibility of the American group. These models are very present from the first assembly on multihulls and sailing boats.

Unitam, a homemade design for more simplicity

Complexity and electronics can be scary for equipment that is sometimes as essential as the watermaker. To overcome these fears, the Hydrotechnical Company has developed its own range of treatment units, the Unitam watermakers. Without electronics, they are of a simple design, for more reliability and an economical price. Fresh water production capacity varies from 30 L/h to 280 L/h.

Flexible installation

To better adapt to the boat's architecture, all watermakers are available in a compact version on a chassis or in a modular version, each block being integrated into the available spaces.

Network and service

All the watermakers in the catalogue are available within a maximum of 15 days from the Hydrotechnical Company. Through a network of agents, trained by the company and located throughout the French coast, the company ensures the installation and after-sales service of its products, but also of competing brands. The company also supplies the necessary consumables, filters and spare parts throughout the life of the products.

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