4030W THIX by Resoltech, a primer to unmould a boat ready to paint

Application of Resoltech 4030W THIX Primer

Time saving, staff protection, quality finish... The advantages of Resoltech's 4030W THIX primer, directly applicable in the mould, are numerous for professional boat builders.

A primer to be applied in the mold

The French resin manufacturer Resoltech is launching a primer paint that can be applied directly into the shell mold. The 4030Wthix is derived from the 4030W, a topcoat already used by renowned shipyards such as Nautor Swan for bilge protection, due to its mechanical and chemical properties. The new primer, diluted with water, is designed for boats with painted exterior surfaces. Arranged at the bottom of the mould, it can be sprayed or spread by roller or brush. Once the part is removed from the mould, the 4030W THIX offers a quality surface, perfectly closed and without microporosity, suitable for receiving polyurethane paint.

Eagle 54 mold prepared with 4030W THIX primer

Sanding economy and surface quality

Traditionally, the exterior surface of epoxy boats used for painting has had minor surface defects. Above all, they require a difficult de-icing process involving many hours of sanding to obtain a good adhesion of the paint. The primer developed by Resoltech, by ensuring a good surface finish and easy sanding, allows significant time savings. It thus reduces the cost of painting.

Flexibility of use

Thanks to a high maximum open time, tested over 15 days at 23░C, the 4030W THIX gives the yard great freedom to organise the hull draping. Operators can prepare the composite work in complete serenity.

To adapt to the covering power of paints, which varies according to the colours, Resoltech's primer is available in all shades of the RAL range.

Eagle 54, sailboat built by Paul Dijkstra, made with 4030W THIX primer

Respect for the environment and workers

4030W THIX primer is an epoxy in aqueous phase. Without solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the product respects both the environment and workers' health. "The 4030W THIX is in line with Resoltech's philosophy of making chemistry as clean as possible, while ensuring the health of operators. This is the logic of the future. In cars and trains, there are already no solvents left. Boating is one of the last sectors where they survive," explains Pierre Calmon, Resoltech's export manager.

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