Nodus Factory continues its development towards shipyards

Lazy-jacks Nodus Factory

Life lines, dies... Nodus Factory, the specialist in textile fittings, relies on tailor-made solutions and deadlines to seduce shipyards.

A tailor-made offer for shipyards

Created in 2015, Nodus Factory, based in Brittany, develops textile fittings. After seducing boaters, riggers and renowned hardware manufacturers such as Allen, Karver or Wichard with its textile loops and drop carabiners, the company turned to boat builders. Tailor-made textile equipment is offered to them. Nodus Factory supplies complete kits of textile dies or lazy-jacks, ready to assemble. Lifelines approved by Bureau Veritas are also included in the catalogue.

Reactivity at the service of boating professionals

Nodus Factory now offers a wide range of equipment, from textile shackles to tarpaulins and boom straps, delivered to shipyards within 72 hours. "We realized that the lack of time of some riggers wasted time on the work sites. Thanks to our production workshops, we are able to supply them directly with the equipment ready to assemble in 72 hours, without intermediaries," explains Yves Laurant, founder of Nodus Factory.

A specific catalogue

To meet the specific requirements of shipyards in relation to its riggers and yachtsmen customers, Nodus Factory is publishing a dedicated catalogue. Launched at the beginning of March 2018, it includes all the tailor-made services offered to boat builders.

A growing OEM market

The publication of the catalogue is the visible aspect of the development of the original equipment for Nodus Factory, explains its manager. "We are seeing a real boom in demand from shipyards. That's why we decided to develop a specific offer."

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