Exclusive / The NKE remote control to trigger an AIS alarm on Figaro 3

The NKE remote control on the wrist will be used to issue an alert

NKE, Icom and TEEM have just developed an automatic solution to trigger a man overboard AIS alarm using the NKE remote control. This solution developed for the Figaro Class will be installed on the next Figaro 3. A beautiful proof of good understanding between different market players.

NKE, Icom and TEEM on the Figaro 3

The Figaro Class selected the NKE companies to supply the electronics (central and autopilot), Icom for communications (VHF and AIS) and TEEM for the integration of this equipment. This pool has been selected to equip the Figaro 3. Indeed, this completely one-design class requires strictly identical electronic equipment from all participants.

Télécommande NKE

The pilot's remote control as a trigger

These partners have just taken another step forward for the safety of the solo sailors by developing communication between the new VHF Icom IC-M605 and the new MOB NKE (man overboard device).

Everything starts with the NKE remote control that all solitaires carry with them. If a skipper needs assistance, simply press a button to trigger an ASN message. This message will be sent, like all AIS messages, and will be received by the entire fleet. The fleet will be immediately informed (for boats within radio range) of their colleague's problem by a time stamp message, including the skipper's name. According to the decision of the race direction, it will then be possible to immediately position the vessel thanks to the ASN"Position Request" function of the IC-M605 of the competitors or the organization and to set up an emergency solution.

In the event of a fall overboard, the same procedure can be deployed, but this time automatically without requiring the skipper's intervention. The NKE remote control already incorporates this function by acting on the pilot in the event of a fall overboard. This time she will also send an AIS message.

Télécommande NKE

The security provided by competitors among themselves

The system is designed so that organizers and competitors can ensure their own safety, thus avoiding false alarms to rescue organizations. Depending on the situation, the organisers are also responsible for calling for help.

This positioning system is complementary to that allowed by the AIS Icom MA-500TR transceivers which are also included in the Figaro Bénéteau 3 package.

Télécommande NKE
The tests of February 20, 2018, in the premises of NKE with TEEM and Icom.

A"Made in France" partnership

The possibility of interfacing Icom communication devices with NKE electronics was made possible thanks to Actisense solutions distributed by PST France (subsidiary of Icom) and thanks to internal developments by NKE, Icom and TEEM engineers.

For a long time involved in race safety (Icom was already present on the Figaro 1...), the authors of this system are moving towards greater safety at sea, especially to watch over solo racers.

Transporteur AIS Icom MA-500TR

Available for all races

Race organisers (especially single-handed) and equipped with NKE will thus be able to integrate this system into the Icom communication means deployed during the race. The programming carried out by TEEM before a race start allows the system to be adapted to the scheme designed jointly with the race director. The flexibility and availability of NKE's engineers will allow this system to evolve over time according to possible changes in the radio environment or changes in regulations and equipment.

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