Interview / Ports de plaisance de Bretagne :"The sociology of our clients is changing fast. "

Brieuc Morin, Secretary General of the Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne and Director of Sellor

The Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne and its new president Michael Quernez, have fixed their working axes for the next 3 years. Brieuc Morin, the secretary general of the association, director of the Sellor, gives us the main elements.

Brieuc Morin, secretary general of the Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne (APPB) presents the projects of the structure for the mandate of its new president Michael Quernez.

Can you remind us in a few words what the Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne represents?

Brieuc Morin: The association is quite old and includes the marinas of the Brittany region and beyond, from the Loire-Atlantique to Granville. The increase in the number of members shows a good dynamic. We have gone from less than 60 ports 3 years ago to more than 70 today and new ports are planned for 2018. All the structuring ports are present.

Auray, port of the Compagnie des Ports du Morbihan, member of the APPB

In January, you held your first board of directors since Michael Quernez was elected president. What actions have been decided?

Brieuc Morin: Concrete actions will be decided in March. As a first step, we organized a 3-hour discussion period so that everyone could contribute their ideas and define the main lines of work for Michael Quernez's 3-year term. There are 4 main ones.

The first is the work in the service of the members. We must provide legal, technical and management support to the personnel of marinas. The technical days that we are organising in partnership with the Atlantic Marina Association are a success. They allow the different actors to meet. We will continue this program. In 2018, the themes will be responsibility and safety.

Good customer identification is the second axis. The sociology of our clientele is rapidly evolving. Before, there was a client who got an answer. Today, there are at least 5 to 6 different customer profiles to which it is necessary to bring different offers, like collaborative yachting or boat clubs. The yachtsman who started by buying a Sangria and ended 30 years later with the retirement with a big boat, it is finished. Customers no longer have a linear path. Our goal is to keep existing customers and bring in new ones through new offers. The relative decrease in the number of experienced boaters penalizes complex bodies of water such as North Brittany. People are looking for simple solutions. The success of the dry harbour for small boats, as we saw at the Sellor, confirms that with the right service, we can attract clients who would not have come with the complication of a floating harbour.

Dry port of the Sellor

We also lobby the State on issues such as dredging or port agents' patents. We must show that we are different from a commercial port in terms of environmental impact and financial capacity. We rely on our seat on the Board of Directors of the Confédération du Nautisme et de la Plaisance.

Finally, we will continue our role of joint promotion of the member ports. Before, we left scattered, which is more expensive and less effective. The joint APPB stand, as we did in Southampton and Jersey and as we may do tomorrow in Düsseldorf, is very efficient and well received. In addition, it is a way for teams to rub shoulders and exchange.