Digiboat wants the brokers to work together

Digiboat, software for brokers

Digiboat offers a software tool to facilitate the work of brokers, both for used boats and charter or new units. A solution that has reasons to seduce yacht brokers explains Jean-Claude Turpin.

A daily management tool for brokers

Digiboat is a software solution allowing yacht brokers to manage their product and customer files. The broker only once fills in the information sheets of his boats, which are then automatically sent to the ad distribution websites to which he has subscribed. Digiboat also recovers all email returns from customers and prospects to enrich the database. Once the client has been profiled, the broker can set up alerts in the event of the entry of new boats corresponding to his needs. Digiboat also allows e-mailing management and can be used for charter fleets or the sale of new boats.

Connect ship brokers to each other

"The interest of Digiboat is to share and not to work alone" explains Jean-Claude Turpin, exclusive distributor of Digiboat in France through Solutions Nautiques SAS, but also broker at Kaliboat. Indeed, the boat database, excluding customer information, can be shared on an e-market managed by Digiboat. It becomes easily possible to propose the boat of a colleague to a prospect and to set up co-brokerage, avoiding losing a client.

A solid solution

"Digiboat's strength also lies in the development power of the Italian Digibusiness team behind the software. She quickly adapts the software to communicate with new sites," adds Jean-Claude Turpin. The product already equips 110 agencies, including a dozen in France and manages more than 6,000 boats.

3 levels of offer

Solutions Nautiques offers 3 types of software packages to brokers :

  • Digipost : an autonomous database, for small structures
  • Digimarket : an improved version adding access to e-Market
  • DigiCRM : the full version with all CRM and e-Market features

This last one, which represents 90% of sales, costs 80 € per month to which are added 600 € of initial costs for the implementation of the CRM.

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