The boat's AirBnBs are looking for growth levers


After Click&Boat, Samboat opens to professional boat rental companies. A dynamic that meets the growth needs of these collaborative start-ups.

Advertisements are multiplying

After Click&Boat at the beginning of the month, it is Samboat's turn to announce at the end of November 2017 its opening to rental professionals. Online platforms specialising in private boat rental are expanding their offer one after the other. The arguments for this evolution are multiple and identical for all.

Expand the database

Each of the players boasts by these rapprochements to have the most important offer of boats for rent on the internet. While Click&Boat announced 22,000 boats available at the beginning of the month, Samboat claims to have"the largest fleet in the world" with more than 20,000 sailboats, catamarans and motor boats.

Private boat

Responding to regulatory issues

Another argument put forward by the two companies, based on the same example from Croatia, is that the ban in certain countries on the hiring of boats between private individuals seems to have partly motivated this change.

Similar partnerships

Heavy water tourism vehicles are showing interest in this offer, which enables them to optimise their booking rate. Reaching a young and more used Internet clientele at the last minute, these sites are an interesting complement to the classic marketing channels of professional rental companies. Dream Yacht Charter, a leader in yacht and motor yacht charter, is cited as a partner by both platforms.

Start-ups with communication skills

A necessary evolution

After the proliferation of boat rental websites between private individuals, with many fundraising announcements, a phenomenon of concentration was observed. One example is the acquisition of Sailsharing by Click&Boat. While the panorama has become clearer and the majority of boaters open to direct hire have joined the sites, it is becoming necessary for the surviving companies to diversify the proposals. Openness to professionals therefore seems logical, in the image of what is done in accommodation. Will the Boat Club, a new and growing nautical phenomenon, join these generalist platforms?

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