Progress on boat deconstruction financing

BPHU under deconstruction

During his speech at the Assises de la Mer, the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe evoked the themes of the deconstruction of disused pleasure boats and the economic recognition of the nautical sector. Fabien Métayer, General Delegate of FIN, explains the concrete progress of the discussions with the State.

A well-received speech

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe opened the Assises de l'Economie de la mer in Le Havre by welcoming the unitary approach of the nautical sector. Its announcements were welcomed by professionals and the Federation of the Nautical Industries, in a press release that insists on the commitments made in the field of the dismantling of end-of-life pleasure craft (BPHU) and the economic recognition of the nautical sector. BoatIndustry contacted Fabien Métayer, General Delegate of FIN, to clarify the nature of these advances.

Clarification of the scope of eco-taxes

Discussions with the new government made it possible to work on the rewriting of the decree contested by the FIN on the establishment of the ship dismantling sector. "After having submitted to the Conseil d'Etat the decree submitted by the former government, we were able to discuss with the new executive and the administrations and agree on the principle of its rewriting for application on 1 January 2019. The first blocking point was the vagueness on the scope of the eco-tax, which could harm the French boating industry in export markets. The exclusion of boats destined for international markets has obtained political approval, preserving the competitiveness of French shipyards," explains Fabien Métayer

Financing the deconstruction of existing BPHUs

"The second aspect was the financing of the deconstruction of the existing BPHU stock. In accordance with the law, we have specified the timetable. A contract is on the table for the progressive increase of the portion of the annual francization fee dedicated to the eco-organization, which should increase from 2% in 2019 to 5%." The State and FIN have set themselves a target of dismantling 20,000 vessels between 2019 and 2023.

More reliable figures on the sector

For several years, FIN, in partnership with local stakeholders and local authorities, has been carrying out surveys on the importance of the nautical sector in France. By 2019, a national observatory for yachting should be set up thanks to the collaboration of the General Directorate of Enterprises of the Ministry of the Economy. This will provide national figures for the sector.