Catana: entry into the capital of a subcontractor to meet the demand for boats

Bali 4.0

The Catana group has announced its participation in one of its subcontractors to secure its production. One more step in the industrial reinforcement of the French catamaran manufacturer.

Acquisition of a stake in Haco

The Catana group, manufacturer of the catamarans Bali and Catana, announced its entry into the capital of the company Haco. It is one of its subcontractors, based in Tunisia. With an industrial site of 8000 m², the company produces most of the small polyester parts of the Catana group. For 2 years, she has also been building the charter version of the Bali 4.0 catamaran. A second Bali 4.0 mould is in operation in Marans, in Charente-Maritime.

Production security

The Catana Group's order book doubled in 2018/2019. Faced with this growing demand and the strategic nature of the subcontracting relationship, the Catana group wanted to increase its decision-making weight. He therefore acquired 30% of Haco's capital. Under the terms of the agreement, the Catana group can increase its stake to 50% at any time to ensure control of the company.

A profitable business

Haco should help strengthen the Catana Group's results. Indeed, the Tunisian company closed its 2016/2017 financial year with an EBITDA above 1 M €.

Hiring and industrial management

In parallel to its investment, the Catana group underlined its desire for industrial development. While 80 jobs have been created since 2014, a hundred more should be added in the next 3 years. A performance improvement plan for the Group's plants is also being drawn up with the Nantes-based specialist firm POP (Operational Performance Management).

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